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As Energy Projects Service provider, DD Energy Services (DD ES) is experienced in optimizing projects and making them construction-ready. DD ES specializes in evaluating the market trends and best practices in Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM), Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Asset Management, and Financial Negotiation Support.


We, as DD ES, have experience in technical and the commercial asset management, tax and regulation consultancy in your energy project. The core reason for the establishment of the business is to provide technical expert services in the renewable energy market.

Our approach of doing business is process and procedure oriented. Following this approach we are able to provide customized and specific solution for each client and project.

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Corporate Membership


Unlicensed Electricity Generation Association was established on May 2012 in Turkey. The goals of UEPA are to ensure the development and operation of unlicensed electricity generation in Turkey, to support individuals, companies and organizations working to this end and to work on increasing the use of electricity in Turkey. In addition, we want to lead in the formation of various regulatory standards of unlicensed electricity generation in Turkey.