• DD Energy Services produces ISCLEANAIR APA-Air Pollution Reduction devices manufactured in Italy.

• IS CLEAN AIR Italian S.R.L. It is a world-class innovative technology company aiming to develop, industrialize, and commercialize APA (Air Pollution Reduction) Technology and Clean Air solution.

• APA is an unfiltered, water-based air pollution abatement versatile technology and has been certified as BAT – Best Available Technology (Directive EU IPCC 2008/1 / CE) to work at surface level to remove a wide variety of contaminants and nanoparticles as viruses and bacteria.

• APA cleans the ambient air by using physical and mechanical reactions created by an electronically controlled mechanism, without the need for filters. APA uses a water-based, chemical-free, centrifugal force process that produces a water-based residue.

• The APA platform draws air at a height of about 1 m above the ground and follows a route that reflects the natural rain cycle, trapping contaminants in an aqueous solution with a multi-stage wet scrubber. Purified air is then fed back into the surrounding environment. APA has the potential to reduce all water-soluble gases and volatile compounds.

• The APA device is equipped with a sensor system and a control unit that enables / disables the operation according to the measured environmental conditions.

• In the APA network, each APA system connects to the others via Wi-Fi and a cloud-based application coordinates the functioning of each unit to maximize overall cleaning efficiency.

• Helps fight the spread of COVID-19 and minimize the transmission of infection. Approved by the Italian Ministry of Health.

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 “We clean the air we breathe and create better places to live and work.”